KredX Feature Enhancements – Q4 FY 18-19

At KredX, we focus on our underlying technology to improve user experience on the platform. Customer feedback is our primary source of learning and we have been continuously working to further improve the platform experience. Here is a look at the latest KredX feature updates introduced for the benefit of our valuable investors from the past quarter.

Feature Updates

Launch of the Beta version of the KredX Invest app

You asked and we listened! Owing to the growing demand for a KredX app, we recently launched our KredX exclusive members-only app! The initial launch of the app is made available to Android users and will be made available to iPhone users shortly. KredX Invest App Through the KredX Invest app, you can:
  • Browse all current deals
  • Invest in your favourite deals
  • Withdraw funds from your KredX account
  • Track your investments and much more!
We would love to hear any feedback or suggestion regarding the app and will continue to work ensuring a seamless experience.

Launch of the KredX Business Referral Program

At KredX, we believe that every business helped is a step towards contributing to the betterment of our economy. Over the course of your association with KredX, investors like yourself have not only contributed to the growth story and expansion of 5000+ businesses but have also positively impacted the society by helping these businesses create 5X more jobs. Many of our valued patrons have reached out to us at different points in time to refer and onboard businesses from their networks which have proved beneficial for the business to speed up their cash cycles, expand their customer base and grow the business. In light of this, we thought it befitting to formalise the process and introduce this as a referral program for the benefit of businesses.
Business Referral Program Investors can now refer known businesses to join the KredX platform to gain quick access to working capital and grow their business to their maximum potential. Together, we can help give wings to their dreams and chart the course towards an empowered India one invoice at a time.

To refer businesses from your network:

- Simply click on the button below and fill in the referee's details. - Once your answer is recorded, our team will reach out to the business owners to gather further information and evaluate their profiles.

Revamp of the KredX Website and Blog Page

The KredX website and blog page just underwent a major facelift with an easy-to-navigate website and a variety of reading options on our blog. Our reading options include three broad categories — Business, Investor, and CFO's corner. Our CFO's Corner includes articles, interviews, reports and much more to provide industry experts with a myriad of reading options revolving around their domain. The Business and Investor categories include reading options like blogs, infographics, videos and so on about the latest developments around the fintech world. These sections also have informative articles giving our readers information on what is trending in the fintech world. We hope you enjoy using our new features as much as we enjoyed developing them for you! Also read: KredX Feature Enhancements – Q3 FY 2018-19