For Cyber Security and Beyond

21st century is a good time to be alive. Technology has simplified our lives. Things that were harder to do a few decades ago are easier today because of humanity’s relationship with science. From bullock carts to self driving cars and smoke signals to sonar, technology has transformed our lives in quite meaningful ways. In today’s world, it is not an exaggeration to suggest that advanced technology has become an intrinsic part of human existence itself. But unfortunately this also brings about serious questions on security. Here are a few basic tips on how to remain actively safe from all the unpleasantness that can stem from cyber attacks.

1.Understand the necessity that is a Firewall

Firewalls save the lives of computers. Yes, they do have the nasty habit of occasionally blocking your IP address once in awhile and denying run time for random softwares you might use. But it does not matter, end of the day a firewall is absolutely necessary for the prevention of network intrusion. It is absolutely mandatory that as a connoisseur of the internet, you get yourself one.

2. Using Web Filtering Programs

Want to keep a clean system that is free of malware and viruses? Don’t go where the viruses are. There are filtering software out there that doesn’t require customization. All you need to get through is the installation process and you are good to go. The software will simply warn you about the potentially dangerous websites looking to do you harm.

3. Removable Media Controls

Make it a point to scan all the removable media you might connect to your system. Removable media can include storage devices such as pendrives, external hard drives and data cards. These devices are often the most common points of malware attack. Adopting a simple virus check as policy can easily solve this problem.

4. User Awareness

A computer is usually a common asset. There would be multiple people handling it at one point in time. It is necessary that all of the users be aware of what the safety parameters are. Setting up an actual policy guideline on computer usage would actually make everyone’s lives easier in the long term. Meaningful collective understanding is a very significant part of this process.

Sophisticated technology simply means there are sophisticated ways of stealing your data. But that’s not the whole story. Truth is following simple steps in a consistent manner can solve a lot of your cyber security woes. If you make it a point to prioritize security and stick to informed policy strategies regarding security, there is no reason your system wouldn’t be safe.