Do More With Your Time - A KredX Internship For Children

Children are not things to be moulded but are people to be unfolded 

Let Your Child’s Imagination Reach The Sky!

With the growing severity of the COVID-19 pandemic and the various efforts taken by the government to curb its spread, adhering to the restrictions placed is the least we can do as responsible citizens.

For parents or guardians who have been asked to work from home, this implies an additional challenge of balancing the demands of work and home. But we understand that it’s not easy - with entire families having to stay indoors, working professionals resorting to remote working and children idling at home with no outlet to utilise their energy and imagination! In short - you are in the midst of a perfect storm situation.

At KredX, we know that balancing home and work is an art that we all need to master. And, as parents of young children ourselves and a company that understands the challenge of the uncertain and uncharted environment, we wanted to do our bit by reaching out to you with a unique opportunity to engage your kids through this.

Introducing “Do More With Your Time” - A KredX Internship Initiative For Young Minds, a unique internship program conceptualised for children (age 3 - 17) to spark creativity, learn about the basics of investment, and have fun! 

What is the "Do More With Your Time" internship all about?

A 1-3 month internship program designed exclusively for children (ages 3 - 17). The program is open to all children between 3 and 17 years old and free of cost. It focuses on engaging kids through various intuitive, fun, and exciting activities and preparing them early on in their lives for the rigour and discipline of the corporate world through easy-to-do digital tasks with guidance from the assigned mentor such as simple doodles for your little ones or a coding task or research exercise for your older children. 

Perks Of The Program

  • Each child will be awarded a Certificate of Internship Completion upon successfully completing the internship
  • The best internships from each age group category will win exciting cash prizes and have their interviews featured in our newsletters
  • Selected children (age 14+ years) will also get a chance to work with seasoned industry experts at KredX for a month over the next summer break!

How Will My Child Benefit?

  • Gain knowledge about finance and the business world
  • Mentorship & guidance from seasoned industry veterans
  • Opportunity to learn new skills
  • Build a competitive profile

How Can I Nominate My Child? 

  1. Fill out the form in the link below with basic details
  2. Send in your submissions before 27 March 2020
  3. The project details and assigned mentor information will be sent to you in due course
  4. Upon successful completion, your child will receive an internship certificate & a chance to win the Best Internship award with exciting cash prizes!

To nominate your child for the program, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you in due course with further details. In the meantime, do spread the word! :)

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