3 Simple Tips To Convert Your Small Business Website’s Traffic Into Customers

Having a website for your business, no matter how small or big is crucial for every business’s credibility, but often gets ignored. So you’ve finally had one built! But how can you use this to grow your business? Your website’s success depends on the traffic it gets and increasing your website traffic is a time-consuming and expensive task. Can you ensure that the traffic to your website converts into customers? Here are three tactics to do just that!

How to use your business website to increase customers

  •        Keep your visitor’s e-mail addresses

The most important step for getting new visitors to the website is by asking them to share their email addresses with you. Work on building a blog for your website that gives valuable content. “Join our mailing list” is really not enough to keep the customers engaged with your business as the new visitors may not know what the website is all about. You need a direct call to action or something that prompts them to indulge and a reward to keep them engaging. Prevail their interest on the website by offering them something valuable for free in exchange for their email address such as a free educational seminar that helps them evaluate what you sell or offer a free newsletter, etc. in order for them to sign up. You may feel awkward to ask for contact information but since you have paid for that click, it is better to ask for their email address immediately than just neglecting it.

  •        Paid clicks should be sent to a Special Landing Page

If you use a paid Sending visitors from pay-per-click to a specially designed landing page will provide them direct effective communication and lesser distraction compared to a regular homepage. The landing page content should be organized specifically to the search term the visitor clicked on while putting other navigation and content section links lower on the page. It should be made easy for them to find out what they are searching for while engaging them and building confidence in your business. Putting them on “Join My Mailing List” box and free offer right on that landing page is the only chance to grab them while they’re interested.

  •        Re-engage the new signups

Once you have gathered the visitor’s email address, you should work on re-engaging these potential customers. A tried and tested method to do that is by creating a set of emails with promotional and informational content. Keep a regular check on their signup and follow it up a thank you note targeting what you know about them based on their encounter with your website. Invite them for signing up for your newsletters and when they do, track the links they click on and target mailings to their interests and habits. The paid search advertising combined with email marketing is an opportunity to say something meaningful about your business to potential customers.

There are many ways to convert your website visitors into customers. Think of new, innovative way to keep your potential customers hooked to your brand. From focusing on conversion optimization to hacking your way to growth, the possibilities are endless. Remember, creativity is key!